Change The Game Change Communities

 An ebook proposing a new game of basketball and a new business model with a  social mission


"Image multi-million dollar basketball franchises located within urban communities around the country leveraging their influence and resources to serve their communities.  Simply, I believe we can have the best of both worlds."

"To put the NBA’s wealth in to perspective, the league’s annual revenues are equal to the Gross Domestic Product of Barbados and more than another 43 countries in the world."

"This exploitation is not of players or communities but of the game to create opportunities to serve the players and the community, secure more educational opportunities ..."

"...when Saperstein changed the compensation structure, from the team splitting the gate (which could go as high as $40 dollars a game) to being paid a fix sum of $7.50 per person. The Globetrotters were now Saperstein’s employees with greatly reduced compensation."

Your $5 purchase supports the funding of the first basketball without backboards recreational league. 

*10% of each purchase is donated to The United Negro College Fund. 

"...represents the creation of a network of professional community basketball franchises that ... provide local recreational and fitness services and ... occupy our young people while providing the additional benefits of both academic and life skills training.

"Twenty innovations to the game force more intense play and demand a higher level of basketball skill..., players play at a faster pace, increase their stamina and improve their scoring ability."

"Naismith wrote ... published two books: The Basis of Clean Living and Basketball: Its Origin and Development. He suffered a lot of criticism from clergymen who felt that theology did not go with sports, but Naismith held firm his beliefs.”

"1949 - In game coaching allowed.  Prior to 1949, coaches could only coach before the game and at halftime."

Change the Game Change Communities is an ebook that speaks to Basketball-the-remix as a new basketball sport purposed as a platform to build a new business model and create greater participation and opportunities for African-Americans. Basketball-the-remix incorporates Dr. James Naismith original concepts for the game of basketball as well as the games intent to build better lives.

Excerpts from Change the Game Change Communities